Thursday, 30 April 2009

harnass the power of thought

It’s Thursday and as far as I know Anne is safely tucked up in hospital. Everyone who reads this should think hard and send good wishes to her – focus yourself on Plymouth, and that one little bed that’s got Anne in it.

And now you’ve done that, I can answer the question you’ve all been longing to ask – why has the Artsmatrix logo suddenly appeared on the blog? It’s because Anne wants you all to know about the Creative Advisors Scheme which is run by Artsmatrix in the West Country. Its Arts Council funded and aims to proved support, and a little bit of funding, for two types of people who work in the arts. Anyone trying to develop an Arts career who comes from an ethnic minority or who has any form of disability can apply for the scheme.

Anne gets the feeling that many people are a bit daunted at the thought of applying for anything Arts Council related and she’d like to encourage everybody to GIVE IT A GO.

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BeWrite Books said...

Thanks for the update, my thoughts are certainly on Plymouth and with Anne.

And I agree that people should give the Arts Council a go too!