Wednesday, 6 March 2013


These glorious pictures of Moscow in the snow were sent to me on my birthday by my Russian friend, Svetlana with whom I spent many happy times on visits to her home-town. It was still called Leningrad then but has since  gone back to its original name, Sankt Peterburg (after the Apostle but also for Tsar Peter the Great. who founded the city - his  'window on the west).  I was last in Moscow in 1990, filming a story about  organised crime in the Soviet Union. Those days are long  gone, but the spectacular churches of old Russia remain,  their pre-revolutionary dignity reinstated. They take my mind off the precarious state of the NHS under the Coalition and illustrate the fact that governments, however radical and right wing (in the case of the Bolsheviks,  left wing) come and go....

Picture by Svetlana Pavolovna, 2013

Picture by Svetlana Pavolovna, 2013


Good news today from a newer site which shares the same name as my Topic of Cancer blog but has a different URL and concentrates on prostrate cancer - a hormonal disease, as is breast cancer. Indeed when I go to clinic, I have to take care not to get an appointment on what my oncologist calls 'Boys Day' (he is the consultant for all hormonal cancers at the hospital).

Nigel Baker, founder of Topic of Cancer (for men) writes

Topic of Cancer is raising awareness and funds for the research team in Guildford and their work into Immunotherapy as the best way forward to kill cancer cells using our own bodies. One day we may be able to deal with cancer before it becomes a problem rather than after. We are also encouraging the setting up of Support Groups across the UK.  Registered Charity Number 1151079