Friday, 24 April 2009


And another link to the truly inspirational Fanny Burney, writer, thinker, and mastectomy patient. Fanny Burney had a radical mastectomy in the late Eighteenth Century (the surgeons put a handkerchief over her face and told her it would be better if she let herself scream.....). She survived, not just the operation - in those days before sepsis was even thought of - let alone MRSA., but the disease.....

Old age got her, I think, as it will get us all.

You may not hear from me direct for a bit -I am preparing to go into hospital. But you will hear in due course, and I hope to get the blog updated (why don't you update it with news and thoughts to share about BC? All of you that is - Warrior Women, Nurses, Oncologists, Surgeons. Even that Radiographer who managed to cannulate me for the MRI Scan other day ('you horrible man,' I told him: 'You said I wouldn't need the Contrast injection.....' After that, he made damn sure he got the line in me first time....)

Go for it.

Copy link into broswer and click.....

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