Wednesday, 10 October 2012


October is breast cancer month when all the pink ribbons pins, lipgloss et al  go on sale in high street chains that support Breast Cancer charities. Please support awareness month by donating or by buying one of these items. The metal badges make very good (and chic) lapel pins - I have quite a collection of these now!

Many women with breast cancer are treated initially for primary tumours, and, provided the disease hasn't spread to other parts of the body,  they can be cured.  However, Secondary Breast Cancer (the type I've lived with for seven years) can't be cured, only treated, which is why Breast Cancer Care are launching a special press campaign for Secondary Breast Cancer patients on 13 October. The issues affecting women living with secondary (advanced) disease are very different from those with primary breast cancer  - see the My Day posts on the BCC website. The link is at

The link for the blog launched 13 October 2012 on The Huffington Post is

Anne Morgellyn: Shining a light on Secondary Breast Cancer

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