Thursday, 28 February 2013


'Fatal Truths',  my new psychological thriller and the last in the Louise Moon series,  is now available on Amazon Kindle. It's a brand new novel, published for the first time as an e-book by Endeavour Press.

Here's the link:

Set mostly  in Switzerland the book is about assisted suicide. I wrote it after watching a documentary made by Terry Pratchett (best-selling author of the Discworld series) who followed the journey of a couple as the husband was preparing to go to Zurich to die. There has also been a TV drama about this process, starring the excellent Julie Walters - can't recall the title. I followed the Pratchett documentary up with some research into Dignitas, the Swiss clinic cited in the programme and was amazed and saddened to read blog posts to the Dignitas website from people desperate to  die, often because of emotional distress, or plain dissatisfaction with life,  It's a sobering choice to make, and I don't think I would ever make it. I want to live with cancer, not view it as a death sentence. The way to go, I think, is more funding for palliative care. So let's hope the NHS stays free and the Tories are not re-elected....