Sunday, 10 May 2009

Update on Anne

I've heard from Anne, here are her words for all of you:

"I had a 6 hour craniotomy (brain operation) to remove a tumour. I woke up in Intensive Care Unit and heard the neurosurgeon shouting, 'Anne, Anne. We've got it.'

So it all turned out right in the end!"

She's already checked the blog and seen the posts, she'll be back with you soon no doubt.


BeWrite Books said...

That is wonderful news, thanks so much for sharing!

Terri Nixon said...

Oh that is AMAZING news!!! I've been following progress from a distance - Anne knows me as Terri Pine - and have been sending my strongest and warmest wishes for a full recovery. So glad to read this news today! xx

Anonymous said...

Please give love to Anne and post more news as soon as you have it!