Monday, 26 January 2009


An eighty-four year old woman from the South East has been knitting breasts to help new mothers learn how to feed their babies (BBC report). There could well be an application here for women who have had mastectomies, the knitted boobs being far cosier (and, strangely, more comforting) than the 'comfie' given out in hospitals post op. When I got my 'comfie' (this being the interim padding women are given before they are able to wear the custom-fitted silicone breastform), I was told I would have to weight it down with dried peas or shells (!) to match the hang of the remaining breast.

But I wonder if the knitted boob could be therapeutic - a way of coming to terms with the inevitable? Before my daughter was born, I spent hours on the sofa (with my late lamented labrador bitch), crocheting cot blankets and shawls (although these turned out to be somewhat redundant since the baby slept with me as I was breastfeeding her...). Had I known about the knitted boob pattern, I'd have adapted it for my own needs prior to the mastectomy. It might have proved a talking point at least!

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